Episode 05 Stay Vocal with Alex Eaves

STAY VOCAL is a Green America certified ReUse apparel company. We rescue T-Shirts and give them a second life with a new design. Our shirts are the voice of a progressive, positive world.

ALEX EAVES is the founder of STAY VOCAL and a ReUse activist.  He is also the Director of the film REUSE! Because You Can’t Recycle The Planet.  We talk about ways to repurpose T-shirts and other items.

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The City Museum, St. Louis MO

Episode 04 The Ink Kitchen

The Ink Kitchen.  A garment decorators blog.  Is a collection of articles, information, photos based on current events and industry knowledge.  Rick Roth and Tom Davenport work together to produce informative content for garment decorators to consume.  They also are very active at trade shows and industry events.  With the help of their secret weapon Pam Ikegami, The Ink Kitchen has shown its self to be a great resource to garment decorators.  In this episode Rick and I speak about how to open a cardboard box.

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