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It all started in Pensacola, Florida, 1982.  I caught the printing bug at Pine Forest high school in the graphic arts class.  Initially I was enrolled in the drafting course, however next door they were doing really cool stuff.  They were printing!  The next semester I signed up.  I was taught how to operate a vertical process camera and tray develop film.  Set type for the Kluge letterpress and hand feed the monster.  Burn plates for the Multilith 1250 and run multicolor work.  Most importantly learned how to process Ulano Blue-Poly film and adhere it to hand stretched 10xx mesh.  All these processes are obsolete these days but they set me on a course that has directed my life.  The 1st T Shirt I printed, a multicolored horizontal blend, won a blue ribbon at the Pensacola Interstate Fair, resulting in a teenager with a big ego and a new career.

I have worked in shops large and small, garages, outside, using super low tech to state of the art laboratory conditions. I have collaborated with some of the best artists in the nation and have been able to work, with some of the rocks stars of the printing world.  Screen printing has taken me places…Germany, Austria, Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras and many cities in the US.  It has allowed me to meet industry professionals, famous athletes and personalities.  I even hung out with the 1994 Jamaican Bob Sled Team for a few days in Innsbruck Austria, due to my association with screen printing.

I love the machinery involved with the craft, even though I have been known to shout obscenities, at machines from time to time.  Moving, Fixing, tweaking, modifying overall the act of making production better with my brain and body is very rewarding.  There will be always be new techniques and processes to learn.  New products and chemistry to explore.  I have a huge amount of satisfaction and gratitude being involved in this field.  I thank all who have helped me on my journey.

Phillip Hicks

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